About Triiicolor

Music comes in all shapes, size and colour  let us explore the diversity of music world through our ears with Triiicolor -   by akira. Triiicolor the musical record label brings the best commercial foot-tapping to sad 'Hindi' and 'Punjabi' music. Recently, 'Ranu Mondal' - the railway station singer got viral with a video and people called her lucky, It was not her luck she deserves it  & thousand of talented people like ranu mondal got lost in the crowd.

So, triiicolor take incitative to help such new artists to be introduced in music world and become the music sensation, Triiicolor has left no stone unturned in bringing new talent into the music world & this become possible because of Akira. Akira created this platform for young talent.So, keep following us and stay updated.

Mission Vision

To Be The First Source For Everything Musical In India.

Vision 2020

To Serve Our Community So Well.


To Be The That Impress And Fulfill Your Curiosity For Music.